USER Premium Features

In this setting, user has to check in every ... days in order to be indexed.
With premium account, auto indexing is enabled by default for as long as premium account is active.
Visibility ON
Visibility OFF
When visibility is ON by default, all data is displayed to the employer except from contact Data.
With premium accounts a user has the choice to display his full information by default or by request. This is to keep data safe from employers. (please ask me to purpose).
Carusel OFF
Carusel ON
Carusel is a setting for fetching the profile to the top 10 results in search engines.
With premium accounts, you can set your profile to list on top profiles.
Primary Job
Secondary Job
A user can apply for one position only on his profile.
With premium account, a user can apply for another position on same industry.
Recomendation OFF
Recomendation ON
When a user profile is indexed it just shows on search engines.
With recomendation settin ON, once applied, then a recomendation for this profile is sent to the employer.
Views OFF
Views ON
With premium account, a user can see how many views his profile has.
Manage Jobs OFF
Manage Jobs ON
User can accept or decline a job request
With premium account, a user can manage his job requests, accept, decline, set request on standby and keep notes on a calendar for position interview.